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Sim Racing Entry Guide

Our Sim Racing starter's guide is specially designed to help newcomers into the sport (eSport) prioritize, balance out costs and get the best experience from what they decide to go with. We've laid out several options for everyone to choose from and slowly move up as they find a further interest in Sim Racing!

The essential device you need to have to truly experience good, realistic simulators is to have a gaming PC. It does not have to be the latest specs, but ideally something that has the capability for Virtual Reality (VR) in the future. A decent gaming PC build would cost around $1,500 in today's prices [05-Jan-2022]

And if you're not willing to invest too much into Sim Racing, you can race on free/cheap titles found on the Steam Store, while using your keyboard or a game controller just to get a feel of how far the Sim Racing industry has come.



Simulation software

There are many titles on the market with varying levels of realism, graphics and mechanics. Here is a quick summary of our recommendations:

1. RaceRoom Racing Experience - From $0

  • Free to play - Eat, Sleep, Race, Repeat

  • Lots of paid, quality content

  • Good realism

  • Various preset difficulty for all levels

  • Single & Multiplayer

2. rFactor 2 - From $27.50

  • Probably the best physics model

  • Tons of mods, workshop & free content

  • Dynamic racing experience

  • Multiplayer requires dedicated server

  • Open architecture

3. Automobilista 2 - From $34

  • Race anything, anywhere, anytime

  • Accessible visual realism

  • Fully dynamic racing

  • Racing legends

  • Ever evolving, ever expanding

  • Simple UI for hosting and joining


Steering Wheel Set

The next priority to really up your racing experience is to get a Force Feedback wheel! You'd be surprised at how immersive it gets once you can feel all the bumps and forces on track.

1. Logitech G29 - From $600

  • Best entry level wheel with decent forces

  • Gear system but feels smooth

  • Really affordable and works with most sims

2. Thrustmaster T300RS GT - From $750

  • Belt driven system for a truly smooth experience

  • GT version comes with 3-Pedals

  • Decent Force Feedback strength

3. Direct Drive Wheel - From $2,000

  • For enthusiasts

  • Strong Force Feedback

  • Direct Drive so you can feel every detail

  • Expensive but worth the price

Steering Wheel.png
Display Output.png


Display Output

Different people have different preference in how they want to "see" their racing. But our 2 recommendations are Virtual Reality (VR) which really puts you as if you're in the seat of the car, allowing you to look all directions by turning your head, as you would in real life. Or if you can't stand VR, go for an Ultrawide Monitor. Here are our recommendations for either:

1. Oculus Quest 2 - From $600

  • Most affordable VR headset

  • Relatively good quality

  • Simple setup

2. Prism+ X300 - From $429

  • 30" Ultrawide Curved monitor

  • One of the best priced in the market

  • Monitor arm makes mounting anywhere easy


Sim Rig

We strongly recommend going for aluminium profile rigs as they are modular, so they can be adjusted anytime, any way you like, and they are relatively affordable. The main Con is that building it may be a little bit difficult. However, we do provide a few variations of rigs we have build and tested before and offer all the parts needed to build them yourself.

1. Basic Rig - From $600

  • Rigs are adjustable to F1 or GT layouts

  • Comes with a Kart seat, upgradeable to bucket seat

  • Minimalistic design to save space

2. Advanced Rig - From $850

  • Comes with a bucket seat with slider

  • Reinforced base for more stability

3. Advanced Rig + Monitor Mount - From $950

  • Come with an extra profile for mounting monitors

*Available in Black with an additional top up

Sim Rig.png
eRacingSports Price Guide.png

You can also come test out what Sim Racing is like by booking an appointment with us. We are located at Expo Downtown Line MRT Station B1-01.

All information correct as of 05-Mar-2022.


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If you're a beginner and want to learn the basics of Sim Racing, you can also refer to our courses.

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