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When do we start?

We received good news on 18 Dec 2020 that SBS Transit DTL Pte Ltd has accepted our proposal. Michelle who was liaising with us wanted to know when would be a good start date. We initially thought that we could start rental on the 1 Feb 2021, with rent free of 4 weeks before that. She was really kind to advise us to start even later due to the potential paperwork and management approval delays.

She was right. Setting up an amusement centre like us was not a straightforward process as the current approved usage of the shop was for retail purposes. On top of that, as we are operating as a public entertainment, more clearance and applications are required.

Fortunately, another kind executive, Wen Lin from the rental team eventually suggested that we should start on the 1 May 2021, which will provide us sufficient time to apply and obtain approval from all the above. We gladly accepted her suggestion.

Despite having quite a long runway, we are still struggling to launch on our intended date, on the 1st of May.

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