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Top 5 gaming places this June holidays (Price guide edition)

Hello everyone, this is a follow up to the previous post and today we will be comparing the different activities of the 5 places mentioned and their respective prices. We decided to come up with this post so that students can choose their favourite type of activities and according to their budget levels.

Our analysis is based on a gaming group of four persons, with two particular gaming durations of 1 and 3 hours. For those gaming centres without an hourly rate, a rough estimate of the costs per hour will be derived according to the price of tokens or credits and the gaming time is assumed based on references of various arcade games currently in the market. We based our calculations on a weekday visit, where off peak prices (if any) are offered.

Our table below will present the following:

Game types, individual or group gaming, player movements, availability of food and drinks, types of bookings offered and finally prices for 1 and 3 hours of play time.

If you can recall on our previous post, one of the most attractive weekday package for students can be found at Playnation, priced at $10.90++ ($12.75) per person for 3 hours of gaming with a drink of choice. Are we able to find another gem? Read on to found out, the table can be expanded by clicking on it!


  1. VR based offerings are generally expensive as they offer a brand new level of gaming experience. However, due to pricing and gaming fatigue, a 1 hour play should suffice.

  2. While in a group setting, VR games are generally played as a single player with the headset on, but could be playing in the same map as the others.

  3. Playnation and JustPlayLah are the most budget friendly options.

  4. JustPlayLah has a VR top up option, and the one time cost of $20 applies for the whole booking duration.

So which places are you headed for this school holidays? We recommend Playnation and JustPlayLah for students due to budget reasons. However, if you are keen to experience some high end VR games, do head to the three other places, but don't forget to ask Daddy and Mummy for more pocket money!

Disclaimer: The above prices are derived from the respective websites, should there be any wrong information, we would be glad to do the corrections.

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