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Regulations, licenses and approvals

We applied for the URA change of use application on 18 Jan 2021, and the GRANT OF WRITTEN PERMISSION (TEMPORARY) was issued on 01 Feb 2021. We thought everything was going to be smooth, but something unexpected turned up. There was a dispute in the GFA given to us compared to the records of SLA, and the SLA representative emailed to say that Differential Premium (DP) would be levied. Oh no!

Thankfully, the representatives from SBS Transit, LTA and LTA managed to trade some emails and after cross referencing some old records, we received an email on the 25 Feb 2021 to say that DP was not required and our change of use was approved, yay! (Nay to the application fees of $535)

Needed 2 different approvals!

With the change of use secured, we quickly moved on to the Public entertainment license application and this final application was a breeze as we had numerous ones rejected earlier so we totally knew what was required for submission. Submission was done on 25 Feb 2021 and approved on 1 Mar 2021, yay! (Nay to the application fees of $360)

With these approvals, we went on to sign the tenancy agreement and also paid what was stated in the contract and this took a large chuck out of our business war chest!

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