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Our BTS "Like and Share" first winner!

BTS "Like and Share" Campaign

We have recently concluded our BTS "Like and Share" Campaign, and chosen 3 lucky fans to come down and have some Beat Saber fun with their favourite BTS soundtracks!

Amirah is our first winner, and she was really enthusiastic to try our games when she came down with her aunt, Afifa on 28 June 2021 to claim her reward.

Amirah really got the groove!

Playing VR games can be a little exhausting after some time, and so the both of them decided to try some of our popular PC games instead.

They chose "Boomerang Fu", a cute and simple game where you just need to slash your opponents, which comes in fruits and food characters.

Followed by "Unspottable", a game where you do not even know who you are at the start! You have to figure out yourself and then eliminate the other human players. JustPlayLah highly recommends this game!

Lastly, Amirah is indeed one brave soul and she decides to try out Dead Effect 2, a zombie killing game. Watch her reactions!

So how was their experience at JustPlayLah? Her review tells it all!

Amirah's Google review

We have 2 more winners coming in the next 2 weeks, and will update again!

Meanwhile, follow us on social media for more giveaways, updates and an upcoming treat for Birthday people!

Want to game or find out more? Visit our website or our booking page directly.

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