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Cpu Spiking For No Reason

The graph above shows the constant CPU spiking over the course of a week. This issue was causing latency across our entire app. And the strange thing was, these CPU spikes did not correspond with any increase in traffic, or anything else for that matter.

cpu spiking for no reason

At first, I thought maybe Redis was doing a lot of memory swapping, which is a common culprit to a badly performing Redis server. Running the "INFO" command ( ) using the redis-cli, I saw that we did not even exhaust half the available memory, so the spikes can't be due to memory swapping. But something else did catch my eye. We had a ton of keys, especially a lot without a TTL (time to live), that will be sticking around forever, for no reason, if we didn't do something about them. Investigating the code, I found the key pattern needed for me to identify the, at least the most obvious, keys that served no more purpose. I updated the code to add a TTL to these types of keys, then...

If the Sqlservr.exe process is causing high CPU usage, by far, the most common reason is SQL Server queries that perform table or index scans, followed by sort, hash operations and loops (nested loop operator or WHILE (T-SQL)). To get an idea of how much CPU the queries are currently using, out of overall CPU capacity, run the following statement:

thanks for the response. At the time I wrote the above message, I didn't HAVE a Case ID because I was unable to contact support either by phone or through the portal (I STILL can't use the support portal for some inane reason). it seems it's now been assigned 04437859.

ive been staring at the resource monitor for 2 days now trying to figure out wtf is going on.. its only ever avast that spikes up to crazy high usage.. normal its at less than one percent usage but it will spike up to osmetimes 80-90% cpu usage for no reason at all. extremely think i complete revo uninstall and a reinstall will fix it? or is avast just bugged now after an update or something?

yeah that sounds great, ill definitely love to add that to my list of awesome useful software..and the main reason i like having an antivirus is because once in a while ill torrent movies or music or programs and i feel its just better to be safe than sorry. It has helped me a handful of times in my life. Ive actually never used JUST the windows stock antivirus. ive always heard bad things about it. Like its not thorough enough in the real time protection department. Id be interested to see stats on it vs other av about to hop ion the car. when i get back ill check this thread for that link. Thank you for that! ive ran into the not having permissions issue many times and its always irritating as hell!

Anybody have any ideas what could be happening? Most postings point to possible heavy queries, but I'd